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acting, billy boyd, billy/dom, bisexuality, crackfic, dancing, death proof, death proof femslash, delayed gratification, dominic monaghan, dvds, fan culture, feminism, feminist film theory, film, gummi bears, harold/kumar, home videos, isabel/anyone, jc/justin, joyce carol oates, juc, kal/john, kim/zoe, laura harcourt, lost, lotrips, marysuecrackfic, max/michael, media studies, monaboyd, netflix, newford, nostalgia, nyc, oldies, paul newman/robert redford, podsquad ot3, popslash, queer theory, reading, regressing, roswell femslash, rps, scarves, singing, slash, slimslash, spain, subtext, synchronicity, teaching, tequila, the 50s, the beach, the wellesley project, theatre, working out, writing, zoe bell
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